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English Language Courses

English Language students trekking on Kingsford's 5000 hectares

About The Program

We offer English programs to students ages 10-18, combining fun-filled equestrian activities with our English learning classes.

The English and equestrian course includes:

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  • Accommodation.
  • Three meals a day and snacks including home baking
  • 3 hours of English daily for 5 days
  • Outing to one of Wexford's heritage sites and shopping in Wexford town
  • Structured riding lessons for 3 hours each afternoon with our qualified instructors
  • Trekking through local forestry and heath jumping lessons and competitions
  • Evening activities including sports, cinema, TV, DVDs and swimming

Courses are offered at both beginner and advanced level, and run through the Summer months of June – August. In a maximum class size of 10, we cover reading, writing and have a particular focus on spoken language.

We emphasise an interactive approach with students doing everyday tasks to improve their English. Students are also encouraged to complete classroom presentations and projects. Our computers on campus have a wide range of educational software available to improve the students’ English skills. All students complete an English test at the beginning and end of their stay.

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Course Timetable

A typical day at Kingsford language and equestrian centre:

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8 o'clock - 8.30 - Breakfast

9 o'clock -12.30 - English classes

1 o'clock - Lunch

2 o'clock- 5 o'clock - Equestrian activities- These include riding lessons, treks,stable management,jumping and lots more

5 o'clock- 7 o'clock - Showers,clean up, and time to relax

7 o'clock - Dinner which is the main meal of the day and includes all home cooked and home baked food and a weekly barbecue

8 o'clock - Evening activities to include a trip to the cinema,a traditional Irish music session, swimming, games and DVD's.

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Here at Kingsford language and equestrian we mix equestrian activities with our English learning classes. Equestrian activities are fun filled and are a great way to improve your English without even knowing it! All riding lessons are taught through English so students are learning all the time.

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Every afternoon is spent out with the horses, involving both riding lessons and stable management. We do our utmost to make the equestrian experience as hands-on as possible and this gives students a valuable wealth of experience. In addition to lessons, we also go trekking up into the vast expanse of forestry right behind our centre. From the special vantage point on the treks, the whole of the beautiful surrounding landscape can be seen and is truly a sight to behold.

We have a wide variety of horses and they all have their own individual personalities. They are quiet, well-schooled and will give the rider confidence in their own ability. Our horses and cobs are a mixture of sport horse, Irish draught and Irish cobs. We have horses to suit all levels of riders. Students are sure to build a relationship with at least one of our horses during their stay.

In every course we hold a show jumping competition for the students where they can showcase their recently acquired skills. So whether you are a total beginner or an advanced rider you will have the opportunity to improve your riding skills while also learning English here at our language school.

We have both a spacious indoor and outdoor arena, meaning we can always ride regardless of the weather.

Accommodation is right beside the stable yard so in both the mornings and evenings extra time can be spent with our horses and ponies.

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Outings & Activities

Students will be taken on a cultural outing to heritage sites in Wexford including the Hook Lighthouse, The Irish National Heritage Park, Johnstown Castle and and the JFK Park.

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The Hook Lighthouse is one of the world’s oldest lighthouses, dating from the 13th century. Open to the public, it is fascinating to see how it worked for hundreds of years.

The Irish National Heritage Park shows us how the earliest settlers right up to the Normans lived, worshipped and buried their dead. With reconstructed buildings over a large area this is a precious cultural experience.

Nineteenth century Johnstown Castle is nestled within 50 acres of native and ornamental forestry. The grounds hold over 200 species of trees and shrubs. The old Gothic castle is truly a sight to behold and a walk around the lake makes it a great place to spend the day and relax.

JFK Aboretum covers 252 hectares with over 4500 types of trees and shrubs from all over the world. The large lake is a haven for waterfowl and for visitors alike to relax and generally just enjoy the unrivaled surroundings. We also have miles of sandy beaches where students can enjoy a walk or swim.

On Saturday afternoons students will have the opportunity to go shopping in Wexford town which is an old traditional Irish town.

In the evenings, students at Kingsford can enjoy walks in the surrounding forestry and countryside. They can also experience traditional Irish music first hand as part of the cultural experience here at our centre .Other activities include a trip to the cinema, swimming, sailing, games and DVD's.

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Accommodation is provided on-site in rooms ranging from 2-4 people per room. The accommodation is situated within the main family residence.

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The houses are modern, new and above all comfortable and warm.The buildings have all been renovated and transformed into purposely built accommodation for our students. There are toilet and shower facilities in each building and all food is provided. Laundry facilities are also available.

Both the accommodation and language school are on the same campus. Meals are served in the dining room and there is an all purpose room where students can watch television or play a selection of games including table tennis and pool.

Students remain on campus and are supervised 24 hours a day in a secure and supervised environment. We are an established equestrian centre with qualified and experienced staff. Kingsford Equestrian is fully insured and all our staff are first aid qualified.

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English Language Courses are priced as following for Summer 2018:

* This includes transport to and from Dublin airport.

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1 Week €900

2 Weeks €1700

3 Weeks €2500

4 weeks €3300

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